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Kaolin clay is chemically hydrated aluminium silicate and structurally unmodified. Water washed kaolin is made by slurry the raw clay and then centrifuging or hydro-cycloning it to remove impurities. Chemical bleaching is done to improve the brightness of the kaolin before it is then produced into the specific grades. Kaolin has a platy structure, hydrophilic and thus readily water dispersible.

Kaolin is an excellent Ceramic raw material. Stoneware and glazes are some of the users of kaolin.Besides, most white ware and sanitary ware uses kaolin as well because kaolin is white after firing, good plasticity, has good shrinkage and strength properties.
As shown the largest market for kaolin is Paper coating. Kaolin is uniquely suited for this application because of its fine particle size, platy particles, good viscosity, low abrasion, good opacity, white color, high brightness, and good print quality.    

Ball clay is a mineral formed from the weathering and transportation by water of parent rocks which are deposited in ancient river basins from where it is now extracted. Our Malaysia mines has its deposit raw ball clay with a range of different properties.
The selected clays from different location in region that well renown for best quality clay, which provide high quality products for a range of ceramic applications such as Ceramic/Tiles, Sanitary ware & Tableware etc...
 Malaysia ball clays are renowned for their unique rheological properties and their rare combination of strength, plasticity, rheology and high fired brightness & whiteness.


 Ball clay properties

Ball clay is essential for Ceramic production because of its high plasticity and strength.
Key ball clay properties include:
  • High plasticity
  • High unfired strength
  • Highly controlled rheological properties
  • Controlled organic content
  • Controlled residue
  • Excellent workability



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