You Choose, We Source Around...

  You Choose, We Source Around...

We are  supplier for  this High Quality and High Purity Silica Quartz Lumps in various grades from different mines.
We offer high volume supplies on a regular and consistent basis . the deposits are famous and mineral rich Quartz and
its mainly needed in all kind application.Quartz silica is the mineral that we cannot live without in this world due to its
important high usage. We are proudly recongnized as one of the fastest growing supplier of this  High quality and
High purity Silica Quartz.
Applications of High Grade Quartz:

The specific features and chemical stability of Silica Quartz give rise to comprehensive applications which include the following:

Ceramics, Paint, Varnish, Insulator, Powder Coating, Optics, Electronic Industry, Semiconductor Industry
and Engineered Stone etc..

Specification Of High Silica Quartz Lumps;

 Pure White sands/lumps, Nature Transparent/ Semi-transparent with SiO2 99.7% and more...
Fe2O3 50ppm max
Al2O3 500ppm max
CaO 10 ppm max
20 ppm max
K2O 20 ppm max
EC 10% max
  Size 20-300mm


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