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       ADULA TRADING and ADULA GLOBAL TRADING are sisters company to facilitate the smooth trade with our supplier/clientele.  We are trading company which registered and based in Malaysia since 2007. With the aims of Outsourcing, Supplier, Import & Export all kinds of Industrial Raw Minerals from Malaysia, China, India  and others Asia  Pacific region. Our ultimate goal is to provide best Quality Goods and Services at competitive prices to our clientele. Our target market includes Malaysia, Singapore, India, China Middle East, Korea, Japan and Africa countries. 
           Our primary business operate acting as ; Supplier - Seller- Exporter- Buyer- Importer.
          Now, we have expanded our sourcing into the Mineral & Energy  from South and South-east Asia and Product represented areQuartz  lumps, Quartz powder, Quartz sand, Natural Silica Sand, Raw Kaolin (China clay), Raw Ball Clay ,Gypsum, Flourspar(Calcium flourite), Feldspar (Soda & Potash feldspar), Soapstone (Talc powder),  Laterite, Nepheline Syneite, Dolomite, Burnt Dolomite, Steam Coal, Iron ore, Coking coal ( Met coke & Foundry coke)  and other related industrial raw materials etc... 
  All these minerals are  very essential in the World, in which  the World can't do without it. We are dealing directly with the our miners and manufacturer respectively, No long chain brokers involved.
 We can provide Minerals in all required mesh size,lump & chip as per the requirement of the industry and the customers.

Our products are very well accepted in Glass industry,  Ceramic industry , Paint industry, Paper & Plastic industry, Furnish making industries,Welding rod, Steel mills, Cement industry etc...

Most important is that we aim for long term cooperation with our client and suppliers. Your needs are important to us as for you. We protect your IPR, deliver quality goods and services and are continuously looking for way to improve and extend our cooperation.

                                                     Our value proposition

  • Knowing the needs of a particular location and matching it with the right product and solution. We are professionals in the field of Trading and can assist your business in planning the right products in the right country/region with the best fit of distribution.
  • We help you  increase operational efficiency and reduce cost by leveraging on the consolidated expertise, technology, best practices and economies of scale. The resulting cost reductions create additional capital for re-investment in the most strategic parts of the business.

  • We offer you a range of flexible outsourcing solutions to optimize service levels, reduce and improve cost structures, and strengthen competitive positioning.
  • We execute orders from companies in order to find the Lowest Cost Producer with the right quality and ship it to your workshop.

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